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April 1st, 2010

11:15 pm - i don't believe in trouble/i don't believe in pain
My physical shape has changed since I started running. I notice each change like a surprise: an unexpected gift calling for new ways to wrap myself when I dress. This is a summary of my body’s differences.

1. Face: my face is narrower overall, with more pronounced cheekbones. My chin looks more pointed. I’ve also coincidentally cut off my long hair, which radically changed the outline of my head.

2. Arms: Somehow my upper arms became more toned. This could be due to yoga, not running. The appearance of my relaxed triceps used to startle me: when did I get such narrow arms?

3. Boobs: My boobs got smaller and more fit. This was one of my biggest and most amusing surprises. I used to think I was in the minority of women because I rarely thought about my chest. I was a 36C which, from what I heard, was a damn nice size. Now I glow whenever I wear a camisole with some support but no bra. Of course I would never run thus clad, but for every day (occasionally even work!) it’s awesome. Never did I ever think pulling on an undershirt would make me smile, but I love it. I love my athletic running boobs. (Conversely, I HATED my oversized pregnancy boobs. Hated the larger more supportive bras. Loathed lugging around a 38D cup and couldn’t wait for the suckers to deflate. There’s only so much that needs to be sticking out in front of me and I strain buttons on shirts as it is.)

4. Waist/Tummy: My waist is narrower, but I still am not built with a tiny hourglass middle. This is fine by me. My stomach is much more defined and occasionally even looks ‘cut,’ a fact that reminds me of how much I really do rock. My lower belly still has a poof, in my memory always has had a poof, always will have a poof. I am within the ideal weight range for my height and on the lower end of the ‘normal’ amount of body fat (according to actual body fat measurements, not just BMI). And I have a lower tummy poof. I can’t say I find it sexxxy or that I embrace it, but it’s me.

5. Upper legs: Overall, my hips/thighs/quads/butt are more toned and have more definition. Lately with marathon training I’ve noticed that my quads/upper thighs seem to have grown, the result of increased muscle mass built from training longer and harder (I’m surmising). I am not sure how I feel about this. It’s not upsetting, but it is a new shape and I adapt slowly. If I need thunder-thighs to carry me 26.2 miles then welcome, new thighs. I wish us luck.

6. Lower legs: One day my husband mentioned my calves looked like rocks when flexed. He pointed out the little ‘v’s to our daughter. I was unaware of this until he said something, seeing as I never look at my calves.

7. Feet: I have large, wide feet. Thanks to pregnancy and running, I now have even larger and wider feet. I slather them with lotion religiously. Apparently thanks to genetics I also have misshapen toes. I try to keep nail polish on my feet when it’s warm so I don’t scare people off, however after a long run my toes logically callous and blister. Running has made me far more aware of my feet and how I care for them. I buy them expensive shoes, with arch support, wicking, and correction for over-pronation.

I've been meaning to write and post this body summary for some time, and am glad I finally got around to it. In some ways I feel like a stranger to myself. In other ways I feel like I'm the "me" I'm supposed to be.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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March 31st, 2010

07:44 pm - and we're out of Beta we're releasing on time
So, last night I watched Twilight: New Moon on DVD. Why you ask? Because I like vampires, and RPatt is a hottie hot hot with hot on top. And I'm too cool to give a crap if you like or dislike the series.

Several months ago I watched the original Twilight movie on DVD. It was overdone overly sappy sap with a predictable story line but as a movie I had no serious complaints. I mean, it was fine. Nothing great. Acceptable in my opinion if you weren't a Twi-hard fan but still liked vamps well enough.

New Moon, on the other hand, is a HORRIBLE fricking movie. I mean it is awful.

Lets start with a few of the actors. Jacob, while young and beautiful, is a horrendous actor. Bella is too. In fact, most of the cast was wooden and expressionless to the point where I wonder if the direction is actually more to blame than the performers. But in my humble opinion Jacob in particular stank up the screen. In between his complete freedom of expression and Bella's perma-sneer-sulk I wanted to drive pins into my hands in order to not scream out line readings.

The make-up was also god-awful. Edward's make-up line was distracting. The last time I saw one that bad was in my grade school show. Every single vampire looked ill to the point of death but in a bad, obviously unintentional way. Seriously, guys. Someone saw the dailies and approved that crap?

The plot also obviously did a lot more for people who had memorized the novels as opposed to the casual observer. I'm sure Dakota Fanning's character, whoeverthehellsheis, is very scary and important in the story. I could only focus on how Anne Rice's Claudia would kick her ass.

I think this film was a prime example of a director and production crew taking themselves and the hype way too seriously. One more revolving overhead shot and I was considering throwing something at the screen. Guys - just because your first film was a smash hit and you have a screaming, hormonal, rabidly loyal fan base doesn't mean you can just stop trying.

But anyway - yes, I watched it. Yes, RPatt delivers in the looks department if you can get past the bad bad bad pasty face. Yes there are vampires although this movie had precious little fang action. And that's about all the compliments I can pay this little ditty.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy

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March 10th, 2010

08:59 am - i can hear you singing to me in my sleep
I've had a crazy-busy month, work-wise. I travelled 3 weeks in a row and had a presentation to put together, in addition to other not-normal tasks. With the high volume of travel and projects due, my weekly training runs suffered.

I managed to keep up with the weekend long, slow distances, but that was about it aside from some random yoga here and there. I figured that the endurance runs were the most important considering that I'm training for a marathon. And while I think I made the best choice I could, I realize now how much my training suffered for it.

I've started back up with the weeknight shorter/faster/harder runs and . . . oh man. My booty, she is kicked. But in an awesome way.

I'd forgotten how invincible I can feel after a hard workout. There is a certain amount of pride that sometimes comes from gutting it out. Plus, the weather has been awesome lately and for two nights I was able to run in only 2 layers of tops and either pants OR leggings (not both). After the crappy cold long winter, these breaks have been heavenly. The tradeoff is that right now everything is wet as hell, but I can deal with the sludge if it means not needing a full-face mask.

I hadn't realized how much my body was missing the shorter, regular 'hammer down' workouts in my plan. I sit here today with sore hips and tired legs feeling proud of myself for getting back in to it. I am also delighted tonight is a cross-training (which for me means yoga) night. :)

I've found that on these shorter outdoor runs my brain goes some interesting places. It's not always conscious thought like what occurs when I'm walking. I can think through just about anything when on a walk. On a run random ideas just pop into my head. I'll realize suddenly that my manager's wife should be informed that all the ladies are planning on wearing formal dresses to the holiday party so she doesn't feel left out. I'll realize that, really, I don't know that I can report to my manager for much longer because in actuality he's a pretty big problem for me in my work environment. I'll think of the perfect idea for a birthday present. I'll remember adorable moments with Emily that had escaped my normal recollection. I can't say that I can use a hard run to think through problems or to create long imaginings, but I do get hit with some strong ideas.

Having said all of that, I can't wait to be done with training.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished

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January 16th, 2010

10:43 pm - throw your love around
put it in the ground where the flowers grow


So, I read several articles in theJan/Feb issue of Scientific American Mind recently. First of all, great magazine. Smart enough to be smart, dumbed down enough that I didn't actually have to know any science. Yay for me. (That's said semi-sarcastically)

There were a few things written about love. Including an article on falling in love/inspiring feelings of love/things you can do to generate a feeling of love for another person. Essentially, a series of games or exercises to do with a partner. (not the dirrrrrty kind)

A theme with a lot of the games was vulnerability. You and your partner each put yourself in a vulnerable state, and blammo after being in a dedicated supportive willingly vulnerable state for a few minutes your feelings of affection increase. Kind of like - why do people in intense situations develop intense feelings for one another? Because you're all vulnerable together.

And, in one of the most truly insightful moments of my entire life, I connected a couple dots. I cannot feel vulnerable. I know it's unfomfortable for almost everyone. I know I'm not unique. But I absolutely will not feel that way. Not if I have a choice. I have worked way too hard to allow some sh*t to come along and make me feel like I don't have complete control of a situation.

I wonder if not everyone responds to a crush by wanting to smash the hell out of it. Although I was in grade school then, so who has any control over their emotions at that age? You're still barely old enough to walk without randomly falling down - emotional management is still years away.

But anyway, I almost literally reached up over my head to turn on a fricking light bulb. Feelings of 'love' require vulnerability. I quash vulnerability, and consider that one of my most fundamental strengths. I'd almost feel scared of what this could mean, if I thought about it any further.
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December 28th, 2009

11:48 pm - my eyes ain't green and my hair ain't yellow
Stole the idea for the quote from my sister.

Anyway, I was going to write more - but first I have to say HELL YEAH BEARS!!!! (and where were you all fricking season?)

The gist of what I want to say is - I did some reading on a Catholic website about church 'teachings.' I've never read them as an 'outsider' - i.e. in a situation other than having them spoon fed to me in school/church/family gatherings/some other random church function.

And, reading up on some stances - particularly the official church view on homosexuality and gay marriage - I gotta say . . . I understand much better now why some people are just pissed the hell off at the entire religion.

Because the stuff I was reading - with it's extremely twisted "logic," questionable and inflammatory sources, and bleeding intolerance - was revolting. Revolting crap that makes me ashamed to have ever been a member - a proud member - of this institution.

Remember, the Bible has stories of incest. Some of which, by the way, are kinda funny over and above just the whole incest thing. One I can recall has two young lovely daughters drugging and raping their father - that happens all the time, right??? It's the young girls' fault - THEY wanted it. I repeat - happens all the goddamn time. But anyway, oh faithful - your holiest of holy books has more than one story of immediate family members doin' it. There is also a LOT of war and killing. I say, consider the source a little more closely before you go spouting off 'according to God and the Bible the purpose of marriage is to create children' mantras. That's also the exact same purpose as raping your own father, according to the old testament. And then later on these incestuous kids can go off and commit vitrual genocide because their neighbors call their deity by a different name . . . and that's just fine. But committed homosexual unions? Clearly a threat to society as a whole and an offense to god.

Anyway, now that I'm not 'learning' about god's perfect plan in a situation where my parents and virtually everyone who is important to me in my tiny little world is around me, I realize . . . catholicism teaches some f-ed up, in-fricking-tolerant crap. I did not have enough perspective to really be hit with this before.

I feel badly for not being fully cognizant of this until now. And I wish there was a way I could say I'm sorry on behalf of the whole religion. Because there are some profound and good thoughts too. But that's overshadowed by the head-up-your-ass-propaganda-crap spouted about some topics.
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December 17th, 2009

10:25 pm - laughing in the face of science
This is cross posted, so apologies to the few of you who will see this on more than one site.

I know this needs work. It's not representative of my best form. I'm hoping that by posting I'll force myself to clean it up and make it good enough for the rose room.

It's looooooong yet manages to not have an ending. ooops.

One big drawback is that this starts out in my voice, then I switch over too abruptly to trying to sound like someone giving a speech. I want to move the whole thing to "someone giving a speech" voice. It's not there yet. I think the whole thing just sounds better spoken. I think actually this is more of a performance than a written piece. That's what it is in my head anyway.


I get tired of hearing the love of children (in the non-pedophile sense) used as justification for bills/proposals/amendments/campaign platforms/political thought. Love of children should not be a polarizing issue. Love of children is a fairly universal sentiment, fairly universally reflected across cultures and in art and history. Being pro ‘taking care of children’ is the same as being pro ‘eating when you are hungry’ or being pro ‘sleeping when you are tired.’ I mean, listen to how ridiculous this sounds:

Well, you know I – I am PRO sleeping when tired! I think that if someone is tired, they should sleep! I was raised to sleep at night when I felt sleepy – not to stay awake. Oh sure, maybe once in awhile you’re staying up with your friends, and they’re real good people and you don’t want to just say goodbye to them, then sometimes you don’t go to sleep when you should. But overall I think we should respect what we were taught and good values we were raised with. Heck we should even employ some of our own common sense if we’re lucky enough to have it! When you’re tired, you sleep! And I’m for that! And the people I identify with are for that. You gotta admit, there’s something just unnatural about not sleepin. It just doesn’t feel good. It ain’t right. So if you’re tired, then sleep! And that’s what I believe in.

Moronic, right?

We, as an entire species, rely on the care of our young – in fact, there being young to care for in the first place. It’s a matter of fundamental survival. If you are pro continuation of humankind (which I am NOT suggesting as a replacement platform), then you are pro caring for children. Implying that someone is against this tenet either makes you look idiotic or vile. Since I try to believe the best in people, I lean towards idiotic.

You know, here’s a funny thought. Why is this country perceived as being in trouble? Why do some say that Americans are ignorant or worse? Well do you think that, in part, it’s because our leaders – women and men perceived as being folks with qualities we should try to emulate (and I’m referring to celebrities and tv personalities too) – folks who, as leaders want us to follow, spoon feed us crap like “my friends and I love our children?” Duh! We all already know you love your children! We assumed it! We know it as a part of our shared genetic knowledge, which is knowledge so basic you don’t need to learn about it in school or hear about it at a convention or from someone on TV. We all were born, raised, and are here today – obviously we received some support ourselves, right? People who have passed their childhood recognize the need to support/care for/love people who are still in their childhood BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THIS ALREADY AND IT’S A UNIVERSAL FACT! I can’t put special claim to loving my daughter, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc! I’m not even going to try because I already know you feel the same way. How is a leader going to teach us anything if all they do is talk about stuff we already know? Of course the non-Americans are going to think we are idiots, since that is how our own leaders treat us too.

How about, leaders, no matter what ideology you are trying to sell, if you want us to believe in your issue, you explain what is so beneficial and important about the issue in the first place. Walk us though the good things that happen, the advancements that are made, by forwarding your idea. Detail for us why using your idea, your product, is better than NOT using it. Don’t make yell out nonsense like “I am pro sleeping!” and pretend that makes your point – we all know it doesn’t. Trust us, we can handle making a decision – we do it every day.

Take, for example, a decision like buying a gallon of milk. Let’s say you’re at a place where you can purchase milk, and there are two choices, and you need to select one gallon of milk to buy and one to leave. Because, at home, let’s say you don’t really need both gallons of milk. So you have to make a choice. Now, what is going to get you to select one gallon over the other? Oh, it could be a lot of different things. Maybe one has a date on it indicating that it’s fresher, or the other has a little smiley face on the carton that makes you feel good. Maybe one says it has high milkfat and the other does not. Maybe one is really high up on the shelf and you can’t reach it. Maybe one costs more or less than the other. Maybe one is cow’s milk and the other is goat’s. What drives me to buy one gallon over the other is probably different than what drives you, but we are both making a choice based on INFORMATION ABOUT THE MILK!!!! Right? You didn’t need me to even explain it to ya, didja, since you already knew that! Of course you are going to pick a gallon of milk based on something about that particular gallon of milk – it’s common sense! You choice has NOTHING to do with the fact that we both like sleeping and I’m telling you, if one of these gallons of milk suddenly shouted to me “I believe in sleeping when I’m tired” then I wouldn’t buy it – I’d run like hell!!!

And that’s what you should do too. When someone tries to get you to listen to them by luring you in with ridiculous statements – and I mean ridiculous not because they’re untrue, but ridiculous because they try to make something sound unique that we all know is something EVERYBODY already does ANYway – then you should run like hell! Run like hell, or challenge them and say – of course you love your kids, can you explain your idea to me? Or is name-calling the only thing you’re good at? Because that’s what that person is doing; they are calling you a name. They are implying you are stupid, and that you don’t believe that people naturally love their kids. Or worse yet they are implying that you DON’T love YOUR kids, and I know that’s not true.

Or maybe they’ll tell you that they weren’t talking about you, they’ll say that they were talking about someone else – some other people. Some other parents or mother or father who doesn’t love their kids. Now I’m not talking about a crazy person, or someone who should be locked up as a danger to society – but just some other person, who’s out there buying milk, sleeping when they’re tired, feeding their kids when their kids are hungry – and this leader or famous tv personality is trying to tell you that other person doesn’t care for their own kids. They’re not going to come right out and use those words, of course, because they know that you’re smart enough to know that they have no idea how someone else feels. And also, they’re not making their claims based on the knowledge that this other person’s kids are being abused or anything horrible like that – anything that we all universally know is sick and wrong. They’re saying I love my kids and implying that’s some kind of special trait that only they have it because they think – they fear – that this other person doesn’t agree with their idea, and they don’t like that, and so they try to make you think you shouldn’t even listen to the other person or even like the other person. So they tell you a big lie by saying this other person doesn’t love their own children.

Are you confused? Here, I’ll try to walk through it again, because it is pretty confusing when you try to think about it logically. I’m going to go back to my milk example. Let me ask you, if you buy the milk on the top shelf and I buy the milk on the middle shelf, does that mean that I don’t sleep when I’m tired? Wait a minute: does that argument even make sense? No! Of course not! Of course you’re confused – it doesn’t make any sense at all? So why do we keep hearing arguments and hearing this ridiculous filth about how some people don’t love their own children when these statements DON’T EVEN MAKE SENSE???

Enough, I say. Enough is enough. I like to sleep, you like to sleep, and we both love the kids in our lives. Let’s not let anyone imply otherwise anymore. Does that make sense? Listen to the words: I know that you love your kids just as much as I love mine. I know you do. I don’t know you, I don’t know your family, but unless you’re an absolute crazy person – and thank goodness there are not too many of those in the world – I know that you love those kids in your life. You’re raising or helping to raise those kids, or you’re trying to be a good example, or even if you don’t have kids at all and don’t think you ever will then I know you’re still logical enough to understand that people who do have kids probably love them, right? So let’s not let these public figures and celebrities push us around anymore or tell us things we already know! Aren’t they just wasting our time by doing that?

And with that, I won’t waste any more of your time. I know you have things to do.
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December 6th, 2009

03:01 pm - don't stop thinking about tomorrow
I hate those trying days - those days when you really swear you are going to absolutely throttle your little one. Here is one SMALL example of how the day is going: I gave Em a bowl of jello and cool whip and a spoon. This was a kid sized bowl and kid sized spoon. She has handled both of these likely hundreds of times. I told her to go eat at the table. Girl took two steps and splatted kid sized bowl of jello and cool whip all over the floor. I asked her what happened and she just said "it falled" and then proceeded to place kid sized spoon with heaping blob of cool whip directly into her (just washed and combed) hair. Not into her mouth, not also onto the floor near the bowl, no DIRECTLY INTO HER HAIR. I said, exasperated, "Em! it's in your hair!" she mumbled "Sorry mama. Can I have some more?"

Another example: we were outside putting more Christmas decorations in the front yard. After 5 minutes she was whiny and cold and wanted to come in. So we went in, took off the coat, hat, gloves, etc. 2 minutes later she asks: "Can I go in the backyard and play?" Grrr!

I hate yelling. I hate losing my temper. I hate the thought of feeling anything less towards my child than gooey, super-duper love. But man, she has her days where I swear she is TRYING to get throttled. Not that I ever would actually throttle her, but good god damn, I understand why some young get eaten.

Such is the relationship with children, I guess. No matter how much I adore her, the role we play in each other lives is NOT of life-long companions. We are not destined to grow old and grey together. She is not the creature with whom I am spending the rest of my life. She is not my partner, my buddy, my best friend. She is AWESOME and I love her and do count her as a friend, but above all else she is a CHILD, my child. It's hard to love something so much but then also need to be a disciplinarian. It's hard to know that part of her development depends on pushing boundaries with me. It's difficult to remind myself that she SHOULDN'T think of anything beyond her own self at this point, and that she is not deliberately dropping bowls to annoy me. She's not my peer. It's generally me that needs to try harder, not her.

But good lord, those days . . . those horrible, annoying, typically lack-of-sleep fueled, nothing-but-trying days. Those hours where you swear - where you just KNOW - one more thing and you will absolutely, honestly lose it. And then that one more thing happens, and then another, and then another. You get mean, you get annoyed, you yell and your child screams right back at you. Those days suck. You push through them, but man they suck.

I wish my mom was "around" to listen to me vent, or to tell me stories about how I was horrible too, and how she managed not to wring my precious little neck.
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November 29th, 2009

09:10 pm - you're my sister Rose, the same
It's been a wonderful 4 days (Thanksgiving weekend). On Thursday morning we did a family run in Edison Park: Em ran a 50 yard dash and then all of us did a 5K (Em rode in her new jogging stroller).

This morning she and I did another run. Well, first we made jello jigglers. For me, this almost counts as creative gourmet cooking. We managed to cut out every shape from our Christmas set of jigglers. She was very excited and gobbled up a bunch of the leftover jello in the bowl. While the jello was hardening in the fridge, me, my girl, and the stroller went on a (very easy) 4 mile run. She did parts of the last mile with me. It was a little chilly but we had fun.

Lately the girl's vocabulary, which has always been good, seems to have exploded. She's also started saying "I lub you" a lot. So freaking cute. We've had some rain recently so as I pulled in to the parking lot for the forest preserve I said: "No flooding!" Then I said, "Emily, say "no flooding!" She did. A few minutes later when I was getting her out of the car she asked "Mommy why did I say that?" "Say what?" I asked. "Make those sounds you told me to." So I explained what "No flooding" meant. Luckily, the trails were not flooded.

Very late this afternoon I went up to my room to read, and she followed me. "I want to watch you." After several minutes she fell asleep on my legs, and was actually down for the night. My darling precious girl.
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November 13th, 2009

10:31 pm - are you on fire?
Dear folks who passionately hate the proposed health care plan:

Explain to me why, exactly, you are against it. Try not to use the words "nazi," "socialism," "communism," or "facism" unless you can demonstrate that you actually know what they mean, and can place them in proper historical context. Here is a hint, "communist nazis" is typically considered a contradiction in terms, and does not apply to Mr. Adolph. Try also to avoid "facts" that have nothing to do with healthcare, such as "Obama was never born" or "Tea parties produce no litter" or "because I am an ignorant hater." While that last statement might be true, it's really not a good reason, is it? No, it's not.

Try also to reflect, for a moment, on reasons that you read over chain mail before passing them on. See if they really, honestly, sound sensical. Do you really think the healthcare bill is going to offer million dollar coverage for illegal immigrants who practice cannibalism on white children who plan to use all the money towards tattoos made of cocaine at the expense of the church goin' natural born war vet who got cancer from reading about the inauguration? Come on . . . .really? If you believe that for reals, and you're old enough to have read it on your own, then I gotta say - lucky for you breathing is involuntary.

Try to back up claims that the plan will kill people with actual reasons - sorry, medical, economical, or general health related reasons - why this will be the case. Folks that you and your friends personally gun down in protest should not count towards your body total. First off, killing people isn't nice, remember? Secondly, if you personally are responsible, then it kinda weakens your argument, right?

Oh yeah, the plan also is not responsible for, nor a result of, gays getting married. Those thoughts might be connected in your mind somehow, I know. But logical connections need a little more - um, connection - than "both things make me pee funny." You do get some points, though, for trying to use your OWN thoughts, though, as opposed to vaguely remember something you heard from the middle-aged guy standing on a dias.

So - go on, tell me what's leading to the hatin'. Before you say "I don't like paying for someone else's healthcare," think about the fact that you are currently paying for someone else's school (I know a good American like you pays taxes), and you have been for a long, long time. You knew that, right? Unless you also passionately hate public schoolin' - for EXISTING, dumbass, not for quality - then this is a weak argument.

Here is one final personal request, which you can feel free to ignore, but I'm going to try anyway. Don't pretend "I love my country" communicates ANYthing meaningful, other than your own personal patriotism. I assume the vast majority of Americans at least LIKE their country. I assume undocumented immigrants at least like this country too, and that's why they came here. I need to be reminded that you love your country about as much that I need to hear that you love orgasims or you love pizza. I am fond of those things too. Can you do me a favor and just skip over that (typically repeated) sentence? If you do use it, I'm just going to replace the word "country" with the word "orgasim" just for amusement because - really - I do assume you love both - mostly becase I do too. If "orgasim" offends you then I'll replace "country" with "mom" and giggle furiously if you make the statement more than twice.

Okay, then. Lookin forward to the discourse.
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September 5th, 2009

10:32 pm - i guess that's the point of it all
I've been on a re-arrange anc consolidate kick lately. It's very delayed, seeing as we moved into the house, um . . . 6(?) years ago now. Funny, because whenever I moved into a new apartment I'd hit the ground running with my organization/decorating/embellishing/shelf-and-picture hanging, etc. Here, I did a little bit of that, but mostly threw stuff down, unpacked necessities and tried to adequately fill the space, and saved the rest for later.

Well, it's well past "later." And we still have several billion bookcases in the basement bound together with clear moving wrap, and twice as many billion boxes of unpacked books. I have photos wrapped and packed in boxes that are god knows where, and until only a couple weeks ago had a collection of small wood shelves nesting in the corner on the floor of my room, where I had thrown them approximately a month after we moved in. My birth-sign-homebody side of me is ashamed.

I'm not sure why I've taken so long to organize here. Maybe I was overwhelmed with the amount of space I had to fill. Maybe I figured that I had something akin to the rest of my life to decorate the house, so why hurry? Maybe I was tired and busy and had other things to do. At any rate, I can tell you what started the recent trend: we were having a party, and I wanted to straighten up just one thing - the CD's cluttering the area behind the television (unofficially known as "the dining room" according to the homebuilder's floorplan). That branched into setting up shelves, heavy, HEAVY dusting, dead plant removal, and finally finding a home for a large iron candelebra that's been lurking awkwardly for several years. I've got to say, the house looked more - well - styled - that it has in a long, LONG time.

Now I am moving furniture in order to accommodate more baby toys, and to get rid of an oversized dresser that has long outstayed it's welcome. Ideally I should do some painting but gads the thought of it makes me cringe. One step at a time I guess.

So, here's to my house, and it's never ending stream of projects that I've finally decided to begin to tackle. Good luck to the both of us.
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